No Limits (and Acid Washed Jeans)

No Limits (and Acid Washed Jeans)



No Fear.

When I was a kid, this was the name of a clothing company. Everyone I knew had a No Fear T-shirt to go with their acid washed jeans (which, by the way, I saw a teenager wearing the other day…WE ROCKED IT FIRST!).

No Fear was supposed to be more than a clothing company. It was marketed as a lifestyle. However, we grew up and realized there is a LOT to fear. As far as I know, the clothing company went out of business. Maybe, we will see them come back around. Maybe, some of today’s teenagers will start buying them from Goodwill and calling it “vintage”. Only time will tell.

I guess, I am a little sad this morning because I have too much fear in my life. Fear makes you put limits on yourself and the people you love. Fear convinces us that limits keep us safe.

But limits, surprisingly, are very…limiting. Whatever happened to “the sky’s the limit”?


(photo courtesy of Unsplash)

My 14 (15 in a couple weeks) year old daughter just got back from CIY, a church camp in Panama City Beach. When I went to church camp as a teenager, it was in some woods somewhere with a musty lunch hall, and even mustier “cabins”. She went to the beach! Somehow, I was cheated.

She came home more excited than I have ever seen her. Her best friend, who went with her to CIY was equally pumped! They had to DO SOMETHING! So, they began brainstorming.

I expected them to volunteer somewhere, or start a recycling campaign, or just dream about all the possibilities. I underestimated them.

They decided to raise money to build a house for a family who lost their home in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They decided that $4,475 was within their reach. And, I am beginning to think they may be right!

Now, I have to admit, when they first told me about their plan, the practical side of me wanted them to “tone it down a little”. I expected to drive them to the local retirement home a few times so they could volunteer. I wasn’t ready for the size of their dream.

I am a little scared about the size of their dream.

But, they aren’t! They want to START with a house. Once they have accomplished this goal, they have others!

They have reminded me that if a dream isn’t a little scary, its not a dream worth having!

I need to have a little less fear in my life. I need to remember that the God we serve is a BIG GOD, and with His help, we can accomplish BIG things!

In short, I need to be more like my daughter.

If you would like to help them with their dream, check out the link to their Facebook page below for more information.

For the Love of People

In the mean time, before I go find a cool pair of acid washed jeans, I have a question for you:

What could you accomplish if fear was not an issue? What did the teenager version of you want you to have accomplished by now?

You can answer in the comments section. Don’t let fear keep you from answering.

After you have commented…go DO IT!

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