Hustle Season

Hustle Season

Largely because my lovely bride is a school teacher, summer is a nice time around the Harvey house. It is a season of rest. We laugh at schedules. We eat ice cream sometimes for supper (fruit on top makes it a well rounded meal for those judging our parenting skills). Our girls spend the night at their friends houses, and often times we find extra girls at our house in the mornings. And, more than once, we have ended up with 15-20 people in our backyard playing volleyball, badminton, and/or roasting s’mores! We love summer!

I only had a couple speaking engagements this summer. We did, quietly, launch our student curriculum this summer, but the big push on that will be later in the Fall. Summer has been good!

But, summer is a season. It’s been nice, but it is drawing to a close.

That’s what I love about seasons, though. They are temporary. And, they are different.

Summer is our season of rest at the Harvey house.

But, Fall? Fall is when we HUSTLE!

School starts back in less than three weeks. Which means my daughter’s high school volleyball season will reach an insane pace (2-3 games per week with practices on the rest of the days). My wife manages the concession stand so she is running to Sam’s club, cooking pulled pork barbecue, and organizing volunteers for the home games.

The new school year will, inevitably, bring homework, projects, conferences with teachers, and the mommy/daddy carpool will be in FULL swing!

Fall is also my busiest time for speaking gigs, and my calendar is filling up fast! I will be flying to four different speaking gigs just in August and September. Not to mention all the drivable gigs on my calendar.

We are also building an exciting product that should launch the first of the year! More on that when it gets closer! But, if you gig (speakers, musicians, spoken word, etc) you WILL want this product when it launches!

Yes, Fall is when my wife and I will probably end up passing each other in the driveway a lot as we shuttle our girls about for our various commitments with a wistful, what-happened-to-summer look in our eyes.

Summer is great, but we can’t live there. Rest is important, but rest just gets you ready for the hustle. We are drawing to the end of our rest time, and our old friend, Hustle, is waiting to take our hand and rush us into this next season.

Are you ready?

I think I am. Resting has been good, but Hustle will be good too! Hustle is where all the magic happens! So, let’s do this!

Bring it, Fall! Let’s see what you got! Because the Harvey’s are rested, full of ice cream, and ready for the hustle!


Do you have seasons in your family? What characterizes them? I would love to hear about them in the comments section!