The Speaking of Harvey Podcast – Episode 003 Notes

The Speaking of Harvey Podcast – Episode 003 Notes

In this episode Scott talks with Mark Keene. Mark is a pastor, a teacher, a coach, and a mastermind facilitator…in addition to all of this, he is also a husband and a father! Needless to say, the man stays busy!

Scott and Mark discuss what it looks like to be a “bivocational” minister, and what kind of conflict this sets up when people think you are being paid for “ministry” on the side! We also discuss what Mark does to help deal with any nervousness before he takes the stage. He has a few tricks up his sleeve for this!

We then have a GREAT discussion about some of the psychology of being an entrepreneur and how you balance this with family time. Work life balance is a difficult thing sometimes for the entrepreneur. And, being a pastor makes this especially tricky.

During the interview, Mark talked about what an impact Bo Easen had on his career. You can find out more about Bo here.

If you want to connect with Mark to find out more about what he is up to, you can reach out to him on his Facebook. Or, you can check out his website.

Thank you, Mark, for a GREAT interview! Talk to you all soon in Episode 004!


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