The Speaking of Harvey Podcast – Episode 006 Notes

The Speaking of Harvey Podcast – Episode 006 Notes

In this solo episode, Scott unpacks the most profitable thing that he does every week to grow his business.

Scott spends an hour every week in a Mastermind group with other entrepreneurs and business leaders. During that hour, the members of the mastermind challenge each other, brainstorm together, hold each other accountable, and share resources to make everyone’s business better!

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be lonely! Because Scott thinks the Mastermind experience is “THE Secret Sauce to Growing a Successful Business”, he facilitates masterminds for entrepreneurs looking to launch and/or grow their side gig into a profitable business! Contact Scott today ( to talk about how enrolling in the Side Gig Mastermind could bring your business to the next level in only one hour a week!

Also, if you haven’t joined the Side Gig community on Facebook, you are truly missing out on this growing community of entrepreneurs! You can apply to join the Side Gig Facebook group for free, here.

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