IamSomeone: Responsible Use of Technology

Middle/High School Students and/or Parent Presentation.

Walking. Riding a bike. Reading and writing. Cooking. Driving.

These are just a few milestones that we guide our kids and students into as they grow. Knowing they need our expertise, support, and back-up. As they learn, we stick close by.

Technology shouldn’t be any different. Most kids are handed a smart phone or tablet at young ages with little or no instructions on how to use it. Most of us who are now raising and teaching those kids learned on our own, but we were older. According to a 2018 survey, 90% of the 13-17 year olds surveyed said they have used social media, with 75% participants having at least one social media profile.* Now more than ever, we need to show our kids how to be safe – and smart – with technology.

As a police officer for 20 years who spent most of his career working in schools and supervising School Resource Officers, Scott Harvey has seen first-hand the dangers of a hands-off approach to social media. After witnessing the constant online bullying, the sexting that students were engaging in as early as elementary school, and the overall anxiety caused by technology, Scott created IamSomeone: Responsible Use of Technology for students AND parents/teachers.


Separate, age-appropriate presentations for Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

We’ve all dealt with bullying.

From the playground to the board room, the battle for status and power doesn’t seem to stop at any particular age. But when Scott began working with students as a police officer in 2000, he realized that bullying had changed a LOT since his school days – and even more so over the past 10 years.

This “Anti-Bullying Presentation” is customized with age-appropriate content and delivery. They all cover direct bullying, indirect bullying, and cyber bullying, but broke out in 45 minutes for elementary schoolers, and an hour for middle and high schoolers.

Students will learn about what their responsibilities are when it comes to bullying situations. We will talk about how to get help, and how to prevent this type of behavior in the first place. Most importantly, students will understand the power they have to help those who are hurting in their school. Scott believes, firmly, that no school has a bullying problem that the student body doesn’t allow to continue. This presentation will empower them to change the culture in their school to one in which bullying behavior is no longer ignored, and everyone feels like they belong!


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