The more we try to tap-dance around some perceived hot-button issue, the more awkward we make things. The more awkward something becomes, the more offensive it will be. In a nutshell, in an effort to not offend anyone, we tend to be more offensive because we call attention to those things that we are trying not to say.
Are we going to make mistakes? Yes.
Are those mistakes fatal? No.
We need to be honest in our communication and speak from the heart. I have learned it is not our WORDS that offend as much as it is the HEART behind them…show that you or the organization you represent have a compassionate heart, are willing to learn, but will not shy away from important discussions, and you will actually do just fine…

This book is your training. After reading it:

You won’t be afraid of saying the wrong thing.

You will know what you can say.

You will know the best tactics to deliver your message.

Your clients and customers will trust you.

You will lead your team with confidence.


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Scott Harvey is a highly sought after speaker, coach, and business communications consultant who helps individuals and organizations communicate through any situation. Since launching Speaking of Harvey Inc. in 2010, Scott has had the opportunity to speak and train for organizations from Kentucky to Indonesia. He also hosts the Speaking of Harvey Podcast.

As a former FBI-trained hostage negotiator and public information officer, Scott knows what it means to speak up when lives are on the line. He is passionate about helping others build the skills and confidence to move off the sidelines and lead the conversation.

Scott can still be found giving his heart and wisdom to help teens navigate communicating in an online world and to prevent tragedy before it happens, something he became passionate about in his years as a D.A.R.E. officer. He lives in Central Kentucky with his beautiful wife of 25+ years and his two daughters.

Order: Silence Kills


Order: Silence Kills

In a world held hostage by fear, silence feels safe. In a culture where anything can be the “wrong” thing to say, speaking up feels risky. But what happens when you let others control the narrative?

Effective communication begins with effective listening. Using the skills I honed as a Hostage Negotiator and Public Information Officer for 20 years, Silence Kills outlines the key principles and best practices for taking your organization’s communication to the next level, starting with how to listen to what it is your customers are actually saying.

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